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    Robert F. Springston Home Page


I Have a great interest in genealogy of the Springston Family. I request anyone having knowledge of the Springston Family send me their information via  e-mail to

Robert Springston If the amount of information is lengthy and time consuming to send via e-mail, Please send me photocopies by US Mail. You will have my eternal gratitude. There are two Springston reunions every year. One is held in Belpre, Ohio on the Sunday following Fathers' Day each year. The other is held the second week of August at the home of Jimmy Springston in Cowen, West Virginia. I am the son of Orlen F. Springston who was the son of Albert Monroe Springston who was the son of John Calhoun Springston who was the son of Abraham Springston who was the son of Jacob Springston, Jr . born August 4, 1772 in Randolph County West Virginia and died December 15, 1841 in Lewis (now Gilmer county) West virginia, who was the son of Jacob Springston, who was born in Germany in 1740. He married Elizabeth Lambert who was born about 1750 in Germany. I am unable to go farther into the past with certainty. SO...I need more information and somebody out there has it.

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